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Providing regular and reliable waste collection services to ensure that the dumpsters are emptied and maintained, preventing overflow and promoting a clean, safe environment.

Special Waste

This can include the management and disposal of hazardous or special waste that requires careful handling, in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Construction Waste

Offering expertise to businesses on how to manage their waste more efficiently, including waste audits and recommendations for reducing waste and optimizing recycling efforts.

Customized Service Plans

Creating tailored waste collection and disposal plans that match the specific needs of a business, considering factors like the amount of waste, the type of waste, and pickup frequency.

Emergency Services

Some companies provide rapid response services for unexpected waste management needs, such as after a natural disaster or other emergencies.

LEED Certified

Assistance with projects aiming for LEED certification, providing documentation and services that support waste diversion goals.

Waste Pickup and Disposal For Over
50 Years

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“I closed on a SFH in Chicago that required multiple dumpsters (x5 total) and D & P came through to change the dumpsters daily for five days straight so my demolition crew could keep momentum going. The dumpsters cost a bit more than my go to dumpster location but the fact that they could guarantee daily switch out for five dumpster made it worth the additional cost.

Whenever I need a fast and reliable switch out of dumpsters, I will be reaching out to D&P”

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George Martinez

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We had a job site in Chicago that required a dumpster and D & P came through quickly and changed the dumpsters when needed the next day and made our demolition happen with great ease. D & P Construction handled all of our debris removal needs with ease. Thank You D & P Construction we will be calling for all dumpsters whenever we have any Chicago Demolition jobs. Sharon G

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