D & P Construction and Waste Recycling offers a variety of innovative trash compactors to reduce the space you need to allocate.  D & P offers compactors for both dry and wet applications.  Our compactors come in two types: self-contained, for use with wet applications, and stationary compactors, for use in dry applications.

Our compactors are manufactured to meet your needs. We offer a wide range of models and can custom engineer the product to your requirements. Our most popular product line come in 42″ and 52″ feed heights ranging in container volume from 12 to 42 cubic yards.

Self-Contained Compactors

Wet Applications

D and P Construction line of waste compactors is the solution to your wet-waste requirements. These D and P units are ideal for supermarkets, malls, movie theatres, restaurants, hospitals, food processors and retail supercenters who process wet waste. The Clean Flush Sump System with Trash flow coordination is designed to allow liquid to exit the area behind the platen into the 750 gallon liquid sump resevoir. This liquid waste is diverted to your sewer system though the drain port reducing your hauling weight, saving you money in hauling fees. A unique D and P seal is used around the door and is a specially designed composite ensuring a tite seal that is self-cleaning and provides a liquid-tight environment.

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Stationary Compactors

Dry Applications

Built for reliability and durability D and P’s stationary compactors are the perfect fit for your dry waste needs. This series is perfect for waste haulers, home supply chains, apartment buildings, clothing and merchandise chains, distribution warehouses, college campuses and government installations. Each unit is professionally engineered with superior strength and safety in mind. Constructed from structural steel, the D and P series will provide many years of dependable service and is backed by our best in industry warranty. Every D and P stationary compactor model is built to beat ANSI specifications while meeting the safety requirements of your back office workers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you pick-up compacted materials?

  • Emergency Pick-ups
  • 24 hours ahead of time
  • Work with your timing

Do you offer compactor repair service warranties?

  • When you purchase you get a manufacturers warranty
  • Renting: We cover the warranty on the product

Do you offer installation services?

  • D and P offers professional installation services and repair services

Do you sell, lease, buy or rent compactors?  How long are leases or rental agreements typically signed for?

  • Work on leasing arrangement if necessary, but most customers choose to rent compactors.

What materials are allowed in your compactors?

  •  Wet and dry depending on the compactor selector. You must discuss what materials go into your compactor before placement.  Different regulation apply depending on the compactor selected.

How do they change or cancel an order?

  • 24 hours for cancellation

What if a customer needs a larger container?

  • Standard compactor sizes allow us to customize a planned or improvised compactor size transitions, monthly, bi-seasonal, etc….

What if the date I need the container changes?

  • 24 hours notification

How far in advance do they need to order compactor?

  • Get your information
  • What area do you want to work with
  • Sales man would walk through what you are doing
  • If you already work with in a compactor industry and know what you are doing….

Is there emergency containers available if compactor breaks down?

  • 24hours or less…

Is it necessary for someone to be there at location when a pickup is scheduled?

  • If we can get to it… We target stationary for dry material